Space Shuttle Update (12)

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The International Space Station is a partnership of the US, Russian, European, Japanese, and Canadian Space Agencies. The station has been continuously human occupied since Nov 2, 2000. Orbiting 16 times per day at 17,500 miles per hour 250 miles above the ground, it passes over 90% of the world’s surface.

Exploring the Wonders of the Universe
NASA – The newly-installed Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer-2 is visible at center of the International Space Station’s starboard truss. The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer, or AMS, is the largest scientific collaboration to use the orbital laboratory. This investigation is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and made possible by funding from 16 nations. Led by Nobel Laureate Samuel Ting, more than 600 physicists from around the globe will be able to participate in the data generated from this particle physics detector. The mission of the AMS is, in part, to seek answers to the mysteries of antimatter, dark matter and cosmic ray propagation in the universe.

Not Your Typical 9-to-5
NASA – Astronaut Drew Feustel works in the vacuum of space during the first of four spacewalks during the STS-134 mission of Space Shuttle Endeavour to the International Space Station. Working early in the morning of Fri., May 20, 2011, Feustel and Astronaut Greg Chamitoff successfully installed antennas for the External Wireless Communication system, routing cables, setting up the antenna, installing handrails, and connecting power cables during this spacewalk. This was the 245th spacewalk conducted by U.S. astronauts and was Feustel’s fourth spacewalk.

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Russia’s parting gift to NASA: Shuttle legacy photo
By Irene Klotz/Reuters – The International Space Station’s robot arm (L) closes in on the grapple pin on the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer-2 (AMS) during a hand-off from the space shuttle Endeavour’s robot arm as crew members prepare to install the AMS is this still image from NASA TV, May 19, 2011. REUTERS/NASA TV more>

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