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NASA Sounds

NASA – Here’s a collection of NASA sounds from historic Shuttle spaceflights

  • STS-1: We’re Going to Dust it Off First
  • STS-7: That Was Definitely an E-ticket!
  • STS-131: Sound of Launch
  • STS-132: Shuttle Gear Drop
  • STS-135: Countdown to Launch
  • STS-135: Launch Commentary
  • STS-135: Landing Commander Comments
  • STS-135: Landing Comments

Markets tumble after Fed says it will buy longer-term bonds to try to boost economy

By Neil Irwin – The Fed’s latest move aims to lower interest rates on mortgages and other long-term loans without making another major infusion of money into the economy — and brushes aside a crescendo of criticism from Republicans who have been making the Fed a campaign issue.

But the stock market rendered a sharply negative verdict. The Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index tumbled almost 3 percent on the Fed’s discouraging statement that its leaders see “significant downside risks” for the economy. Asian markets closed down between 2 and 4.85 percent, and key European indexes were trading more than 4 percent lower at midday. more> http://is.gd/NlJWKy

So What’s an ‘Embedded System,’ Anyway?

By Loring Wirbel – International Data Corp. predicts that 1.8 billion embedded systems will be shipped in 2011. This would account for $1 trillion of revenue at the component and software level. IDC predicts that both figures will at least double by 2015, yielding more than 4 billion systems shipped and $2 trillion in revenue. Such systems will require 14.5 billion microprocessor cores by the end of 2015.

That’s all well and good, except for the fact that IDC calls this realm “intelligent systems” and includes in it anything with a networked microprocessor. With such a definition, it’s hard to figure out where IT leaves off and non-client/server systems begin, or what might fail to meet IDC’s definition of an intelligent system. more> http://is.gd/xWsaQz

How to minimize the risks of using free public WiFi hot spots

By Salvador Rodriguez – Much like leaving your diary on a park bench, connecting to the Internet using a public WiFi allows anyone with the right software to see what you are doing. Worse, you risk being hit with malware and other virulent programs that can turn your computer into botnets controlled by hackers to attack websites.

Here are some tips to protect your computer from digital eavesdroppers and malicious hackers:

  • Enable SSL connections
  • Disable sharing
  • Turn on WiFi prior to use, and off after
  • Log in using a VPN

more> http://is.gd/8bm8E7

Shutdown? House votes to reject short-term government funding measure

By Russell Berman and Pete Kasperowicz – The House stunned Republican leaders Wednesday by rejecting a temporary spending bill that would have funded the government through Nov. 18.

The vote failed, 195-230, after Democrats pulled their support for the bill and Republican leaders were forced to scramble for enough votes entirely within their own ranks. Four dozen conservatives voted against the bill because it left spending levels for 2012 higher than the cap set in the House GOP budget. more> http://is.gd/eHeDkT