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Views from the Solar System (6)

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Bean Walks on the Moon
NASAAstronaut Alan L. Bean, Lunar Module pilot, pauses near a tool carrier during the Apollo 12 spacewalk on the moon’s surface. Commander Charles Conrad, Jr., who took the black-and-white photo, is reflected in Bean’s helmet visor.

Greek PM on brink as anxious world watches euro zone

By Dina Kyriakidou and Abhijit Neogy – Greece’s teetering government backed away from a proposed referendum on staying in the euro on Thursday, while European leaders talked for the first time of a possible Greek exit to preserve the single currency.

The specter of a possible hard Greek default and euro exit hung over the G20 summit, highlighting Europe’s frailty and divisions just when Sarkozy had hoped to showcase his leadership of the world’s major economies. more> http://is.gd/gHmtFl

IBM CEO Virginia Rometty’s New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan


New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan, Authors: George Bradt, Jayme A. Check and Jorge E. Pedraza.

By George Bradt – On the one hand, Virginia Rometty’s transition into the CEO role at IBM should be relatively easy. The company is in good shape. She’s been there 30 years, knows everyone. On the other hand, these transitions are never simple.

Image by Fortune Live Media via FlickrLeadership is about inspiring and enabling others to do their absolute best, together, to realize a meaningful and rewarding shared purpose. The strongest leaders take a BRAVE approach across Behaviors, Relationships, Attitudes, Values and Environment. New leaders need to assess these dimensions and quickly figure out how to converge and evolve into the organization. more> http://is.gd/KzLRi3

Recycle-ready Trains

Siemens – Environmental lifecycle assessments are playing an ever more important role in the rail industry. Siemens Rail Systems in Vienna is a pioneer, constructing its trains, subway cars and light rail vehicles so that they use as few resources and energy as possible during the manufacturing process as well as during operation. More and more attention is being paid to the reuse of obsolete rail vehicles as well. Through skillful selection of materials and manufacturing processes, the vehicles can be designed so that they can later be easily recycled. This enables Siemens Rail Systems to already recycle 95 percent of the materials. more> http://is.gd/MdxL02


Senate may be nearing vote on net neutrality

Lawn in front of the White House, Washington, DC.

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By Hayley Tsukayama – The Senate may be nearing a vote on a resolution that would let Congress review the Federal Communication Commission‘s rules regarding net neutrality.

The House already voted to approve a bill to overturn the rules in April; Senate passage of a similar bill would send the legislation to the White House for approval. The White House, through the Office of Management and Budget, has said it would veto such legislation, The Washington Post reported. more> http://is.gd/aZ90Pw


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