AT&T users report getting throttled at 2GB despite ‘unlimited’ data plans

PenDrive Kingston 2GB DataTraveler (Toma 2)By Brad Reed – AT&T representatives told Cozen that the carrier begins throttling users’ data speeds if they are among the top 5% of data users among users with unlimited plans. In other words, if the top 5% of data users consume 2GB of data or more on their unlimited plans, then they get their service reduced for exceeding 2GB, despite the fact that AT&T offers users tiered data plans that charge $30 a month for 3GB of data.

“This is unacceptable and unfair,” writes John Cozen. “I signed up for an unlimited data plan at the agreed upon price and am now being throttled for exceeding 2GB of data while those on a 3GB plan paying the same price do not experience throttling. I remain upset and feel taken advantage of.” more>

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