Top 10 shifts in chips, comms

By Rick Merritt – In the midst of all the changes, old age caught up with Moore’s Law. The new 28-nm node came on too slowly to serve the needs of all the mobile systems clamoring for low power chips.

Blame the lack of new lithography. Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) continued to miss schedules, slipping perhaps beyond usefulness even in the 10 nm node.

  1. A down year
  2. The shift to the mobile cloud
  3. The rise of the mega data center
  4. Moore’s Law slows
  5. The winners: ARM
  6. MIPS on the ropes
  7. More winners: Apple, Samsung, Qualcomm
  8. Roads diverge for Wintel
  9. The Losers: Elpida, Nokia, AMD, Renesas, STM, TI
  10. The next big thing in networking: SDN


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