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NASA technology (46)


Supersonic Aircraft Model
NASA – The window in the sidewall of the 8- by 6-foot supersonic wind tunnel at NASA’s Glenn Research Center shows a 1.79 percent scale model of a future concept supersonic aircraft built by The Boeing Company. In recent tests, researchers evaluated the performance of air inlets mounted on top of the model to see how changing the amount of airflow at supersonic speeds through the inlet affected performance. The inlet on the pilot’s right side (top inlet in this side view) is larger because it contains a remote-controlled device through which the flow of air could be changed.

The work is part of ongoing research in NASA’s Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate to address the challenges of making future supersonic flight over land possible. Researchers are testing overall vehicle design and performance options to reduce emissions and noise, and identifying whether the volume of sonic booms can be reduced to a level that leads to a reversal of the current ruling that prohibits commercial supersonic flight over land. Image Credit: NASA/Quentin Schwinn

President must address Obamacare ‘train wreck’

By Mitch McConnell – It may not be easy, but the president has a responsibility to explain as frankly as possible what this law will mean — before its major components take effect. He could start by delivering a major address, just as he did to push the law’s passage, laying out exactly what Americans can expect. He should also instruct his Cabinet secretaries to explain what this could mean as well.

Here are just a few (facts) we already know:

For many families and individuals, especially younger Americans, the law will lead to increased health insurance premiums. These have already gone up $2,370 per family since Obama took office, not down by $2,500 as he promised. more> http://tinyurl.com/aghzp8h


Apple, the Fed and the financial fallacy

By James Saft – Call it the financial fallacy, the modern tendency to concentrate on the often ephemeral movement of numbers on traders’ screens rather than the much harder to manage real world.

Apple, sitting on a $145 billion cash hoard but facing declining margins and a drought of new blockbuster products, unveiled a $55 billion increase in plans to return cash to shareholders.

The Fed, for its part, has been engaged in a five-year Herculean struggle in which it tries, by buying Treasuries and mortgage bonds, to drive asset markets higher and make us all giddy and willing to spend. more> http://tinyurl.com/brxks3m


Space coffee gets an upgrade

R&D – The freeze-dried blends are in aluminum pouches. Astronauts rehydrate their java with 70-C water from a dispenser on the ISS and drink it through a leak-proof straw that keeps stray drops from floating around the station, where they could do serious damage.

“That syrupy coffee tastes pretty terrible,” Colin Shaw says. “So we developed this system that allows astronauts to customize their coffee. If they know what they like on Earth, they know what they like in orbit.” more> http://tinyurl.com/bov769n

Verizon eyes $100 billion bid for Vodafone’s Wireless stake

By Soyoung Kim and Kate Holton – The two sources said Verizon was considering a 50:50 cash and stock bid for the 45 percent stake it does not already own, an asset it has long coveted but that Vodafone will take some persuading to give up. It has not put a proposal to Vodafone yet but has hired both banking and legal advisers for a possible offer.

“The tax problem has always been the issue. If a way can be found around that, then it is highly likely that a deal will be done,” the top-15 investor said. more> http://tinyurl.com/bc9owmy



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