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Sounding Rockets Launch from the Marshall Islands

NASA – Red and white vapor clouds filled the skies over the Marshall Islands as part of NASA’s Equatorial Vortex Experiment (EVEX). The red cloud was formed by the release of lithium vapor and the white tracer clouds were formed by the release of trimethyl aluminum (TMA). These clouds allowed scientists on the ground from various locations in the Marshall Islands to observe the neutral winds in the ionosphere.

The EVEX was successfully conducted during the early morning hours on May 7 from Roi Namur, Republic of the Marshall Islands. A NASA Terrier-Oriole sounding rocket was launched at 3:39 a.m. EDT and was followed by a launch of Terrier-Improved Malemute sounding rocket 90 seconds later. Preliminary indications are that both rockets released their vapor clouds of lithium or trimethyl aluminum, which were observed from various locations in the area, and all science instruments on the rockets worked as planned.

Image Credit: NASA/John Grant

Europe’s fight to save its bees

By Richard Schiffman – Last Monday (Apr 29), the European Union banned the most commonly used pesticide group in the world, the neonicotinoids – neonics for short. The ban is set for two years and may be extended.

The EU members took this radical step because their bees are dying – and neonics have been implicated as one contributing cause. The agro-chemical industry warned that the ban will cause huge losses to agriculture, and encouraged farmers to use even more-dangerous insect poisons, which were in vogue before the neonics were introduced in the 1990s.

Europe is invoking the precautionary principle better safe than sorry. Will the United States – which has an even higher economic stake in the health of its pollinators – follow Europe’s lead? more> http://tinyurl.com/c3ka32d

Adobe Kills Boxed Version Of Creative Suite

By Thomas Claburn – Adobe has decided not to offer the next iteration of its professional authoring applications on discs in shrink-wrapped boxes in order to focus on delivering software as a service for its Creative Cloud customers.

The company announced the shift at its Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles, Calif., on Monday (May 06). more> http://tinyurl.com/cf6qtgn


Why 10nm Requires Design Technology Co-Optimization

By Richard Goering – How can process technology development and design work together? As shown in the diagram, a starting point is lithography process selection. From this selection, it’s possible to identify such characteristics as baseline pitches, critical dimension uniformity (CDU), and overlay. Resolution enhancement technology (RET) must be factored into technology development early. A library, physical layouts, and lithography simulation are then required. The outcome is a set of comprehensive design rules.

Library development is one of the most challenging aspects of this process, and physical library architecture is a key starting point. more> http://tinyurl.com/cssetmq

Fed’s credibility tested as inflation drifts below target

By Pedro Nicolaci da Costa – With the inflation rate about half of the Federal Reserve’s 2.0 percent target, the central bank is facing a major test and some experts wonder whether it will eventually need to ramp up its already aggressive bond buying program.

The Fed cut official interest rates effectively to zero in late 2008 during the financial crisis. Since then, it has bought more than $2.5 trillion in bonds to bolster an anemic economic recovery and speed up the decline in unemployment. more> http://tinyurl.com/brhem8s


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