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NASA technology (50)


The Engine Burns Blue

NASA – This image shows a cutting-edge solar-electric propulsion thruster in development at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., that uses xenon ions for propulsion. An earlier version of this solar-electric propulsion engine has been flying on NASA’s Dawn mission to the asteroid belt.

This engine is being considered as part of the Asteroid Initiative, a proposal to robotically capture a small near-Earth asteroid and redirect it safely to a stable orbit in the Earth-moon system where astronauts can visit and explore it. This image was taken through a porthole in a vacuum chamber at JPL where the ion engine is being tested.

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

10 things you may not know about Ethernet

A diagram from Bob Metcalfe's original memo explaining how Ethernet works. (Credit: Palo Alto Research Center)By Jim Duffy – Ethernet‘s value to networking and IT is well established over the past 40 years. But did you know that “Ethernet” refers to two slightly different ways of sending information between endpoints on a LAN?

  • Ethernet was inspired by ALOHAnet, which was developed at the University of Hawaii
  • Ethernet was named after luminiferous ether, a 19th century theory on a substance believed to act as the medium for transmission of electromagnetic waves
  • Early in its development, Ethernet was referred to as the “DIX” standard, for “Digital/Intel/Xerox
  • Ethernet, Token Ring and Token Bus were vying to become a single IEEE LAN standard in 1980

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Party opinion usurps public opinion

By Bill Schneider – We are witnessing the slow death of public opinion in this country.  It’s being displaced by party opinion.

These days, more and more Americans are inclined to judge issues from a partisan viewpoint.  In March, according (pdf) to a Pew Research Center survey, twice as many Republicans (53 percent) as Democrats (27 percent) said the economy was poor.  Yet, from everything we know, Republicans are not suffering more economic deprivation than Democrats. more> http://tinyurl.com/ke6hg4j

Amazon River exhales virtually all carbon taken up by rain forest

By Hannah Hickey – Until recently people believed much of the rain forest‘s carbon floated down the Amazon River and ended up deep in the ocean.

The finding has implications for global carbon models, and for the ecology of the Amazon and the world’s other rivers.

“People thought this was one of the components that just got dumped into the ocean,” said first author Nick Ward, a University of Washington doctoral student in oceanography. “We’ve found that terrestrial carbon is respired and basically turned into carbon dioxide as it travels down the river.” more> http://tinyurl.com/p66frtk

INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Email

ShareBy Shea Bennett – Email still leads the way, and by some distance, with the average email share especially valuable as it’s almost always a one-to-one forward (from one friend directly to another), and leads to an average dollar conversation rate of eight times that of Facebook, and more than ten times that of Twitter.

This data comes courtesy of a study from AddShoppers.

  • What category is shared most?
    Apparel, General Stores, Electronics
  • Least shared categories:
    Holiday, Office, Hardware, Novelty, Camera

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