How Apple Achieves Massive Scale Without Pain


The Elastic Enterprise, Authors: Nicholas Vitalari and Haydn Shaughnessy.

By Steve Denning – Apple [AAPL] met the diverse needs of hundreds of millions of individual iPhone users by launching its own ecosystem—a technology platform that enabled hundreds of thousands of developers to create Apps that could meet every conceivable human need and to offer them directly to customers.

A very different and more beneficial form of externalization is taking place at the moment.

One example of that would be the switch at Autodesk [ADSK] from a B2B business to a B2C business. It’s not fully implemented yet. It took them thirty years to grow a customer base of 12 million users. But in three years, they have grown a community of 120 million. So in a tenth of the time, they have grown a community that is ten times the size. more>

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