Broadband Regulations Should Heed the Lessons from the Dynamic Technology Industry

English: Availability of 4 Mbps-Capable Broadb...

English: Availability of 4 Mbps-Capable Broadband Networks in the United States by County
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Wayne Winegarden – Critics of the broadband industry consistently under-appreciate the benefits generated from these new and different types of competitors, viewing the market from the silos of the past. They also under-appreciate how technologies that are unimaginable today can change the entire industry’s dynamic tomorrow.

The technological landscape will be continually evolving at an increasing pace. Antiquated regulatory structures, like those applied to Ma Bell, will lock-down the U.S. broadband industry and push the U.S. technology sector, a current global leader, toward becoming a global laggard.

The best path forward is a regulatory structure that recognizes the true nature of competition in the broadband ecosystem. more>

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