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NASA technology (80)

Astronauts Complete First in Series of Spacewalks
NASA – On Sunday, Dec. 22, NASA astronaut Mike Hopkins tweeted this photo of Saturday’s spacewalk, saying, “Wow… can’t believe that is me yesterday. Wish I could find the words to describe the experience, truly amazing.”

Expedition 38 Flight Engineers Rick Mastracchio and Mike Hopkins wrapped up a 5-hour, 28-minute spacewalk outside the International Space Station at 12:29 p.m. EST Saturday, completing the first in a series of excursions aimed at replacing a degraded ammonia pump module associated with one of the station’s two external cooling loops that keeps both internal and external equipment cool. A second spacewalk to install a replacement pump module is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 24 at 7:10 a.m. EST, with NASA TV coverage beginning at 6:15 a.m. EST.

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The 2013 Jealousy List: The 41 Best Stories (and One Book) We Didn’t Write

Businessweek – In this season of relentless kindness, envy is often sadly neglected. Which is why we bring you the First Annual Jealousy List, a compilation of the great pieces of journalism in 2013 that left Bloomberg Businessweek’s staff sick with resentment.

“Bay Watched: How San Francisco’s Entrepreneurial Culture Is Changing the Country”
It took me two subway commutes to finish this story by Nathan Heller for the New Yorker, and the morning I did, I ran over to Bryant Urstadt’s desk and said, “I’m soooo jealous of this story.” more>

How to Find Fulfilling Work


How to Find Fulfilling Work, Author: Roman Krznaric.

By Maria Popova – “The way that education can lock us into careers, or at least substantially direct the route we travel, would not be so problematic if we were excellent judges of our future interests and characters. But we are not.

“When you were 16, or even in your early twenties, how much did you know about what kind of career would stimulate your mind and offer a meaningful vocation?

“Did you even know the range of jobs that were out there?

“Most of us lack the experience of life — and of ourselves — to make a wise decision at that age, even with the help of well-meaning career advisers.” more>

Fuel Cells Inch Forward


By Charles Murray – Hydrogen fuel cells aren’t positioned to solve the world’s energy needs, but they are enjoying a revival of sorts.

The revival could probably be tracked back to 2009, when seven global automakers (Daimler, Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai-Kia, Renault-Nissan, and Toyota) signed a letter of intent to commercialize the technology by 2015. Back then, the idea was to prop up hydrogen’s sagging future by having automakers introduce vehicles that would help spur infrastructure development. more>

The only way to stop climate change now may be revolution

By Eric Holthaus – If global CO2 peaks in 2013—that is, sometime in the next week or so—followed by drastic reductions, we’re still locked in to climate change of 1°C or so until about 2100. If we delay this peak until 2030 (the green line in the chart on the right above), Hansen projects extensive climate-change impacts will continue for a further two centuries. If we delay until 2050 (the red line), dangerous climate change will be locked in until past the year 3000.

Basically, if we wait even a few years to implement anything less than a fossil-fuel starvation diet, momentum already built into the system nearly guarantees the climate is toast. more>


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