The real reason for the IP-propaganda

English: Connections on an Ethernet switch. Es...

English: Connections on an Ethernet switch. Español: Conexión en un Ethernet switch.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Robert Morlan – There has been a long standing effort to bring about an all-IP (Internet Protocol) network. The real reason behind this effort is to make it easier for spying.

POTS, TDM & ATM is a nuisance to those that want to be able to spy on data networks. There is no industry led agenda to make these systems and technologies obsolete. The source of this agenda is coming from government and political forces to expand, converge, and exclusively operate Ethernet to make spying easier.

Common Sense tells us that when we start replacing TDM/ATM, SDH/SONET WAN with Ethernet, security is not our concern. The problem is that the old technologies make it almost impossible to hack into service provider networks. Ethernet makes it so much easier to collect data from the Internet and it’s users.

So we have all these political and corporate puppets promoting convergence.™¦


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