Why mass transit is doomed in America: Politicians don’t know people who use it

By Alex Pareene – If you want to know why mass transit is doomed in the United States, look at the place where it is undoubtedly more successful €” and more widely used €” than anywhere else in the country: New York.

This should be the most transit-friendly government in the country. A majority of New York citizens rely on public transit for their livelihoods. The city and state are run by Democrats, many of them among the most liberal in the nation. Our incoming mayor, Bill de Blasio, ran as a left-wing populist. But incoming Mayor Bill de Blasio is a driver. Andrew Cuomo has been a driver, or had drivers, his entire life. There are certain richer Manhattanites, accustomed to walking, for whom anti-car policies improve their quality of life, but for most of the political class, everyone they know and interact with owns a car. more> http://tinyurl.com/l2ca8cj

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