AT&T’s ‘IP Transition’ Will Make U.S. Broadband Even Less Competitive

By Karl Bode – The problem is that AT&T’s version of the network of tomorrow for millions of users is going to mean significantly fewer choices and worse, more expensive service than ever before.

While it’s true many people are moving away from copper phone service, unmentioned by AT&T’s video is the fact that millions of customers remain on copper-based DSL because it’s the only choice they have and the only one AT&T offered.

While AT&T has selectively upgraded some users to their faster but still not fiber to the home U-Verse VDSL platform (about half of their fixed-line network), tens of millions of AT&T and Verizon’s DSL customers aren’t going to be upgraded anytime soon. Instead, they’re going to be hung up on or sold to smaller telcos with even less interest in upgrading them than AT&T did.

The use of “all IP” is also quite a lovely bit of conflation and misdirection, given the company’s U-Verse and DSL users are already IP-based. You’ll see the “all IP” rhetoric popping up in an endless series of editorials (like this one by Steve Forbes) AT&T has been running nationwide to convince people they really don’t need that DSL line they’re using. more>


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