It’s an ad, ad, ad, ad world


A Word From Our Sponsor: Admen, Advertising, and the Golden Age of Radio, Author: Cynthia B. Meyers.

By Jack Shafer – The commercial Web that permeates our culture today was revolutionary because it allowed news and entertainment content to migrate from the lockdown of the radio and TV networks, as well as from print. But that migration was already in progress when the first banner ad (for AT&T) ran on in late 1994. A decade before, cable had given advertisers new venues to place their TV bets, and VCRs (and later DVRs) gave viewers the power to time-shift and edit ads out of their consumption. The advent of videotape and discs further liberated audiences from advertising’s hold.

“Advertising, like any ‘culture industry’ or ‘media industry,’ is in the business of converting audience attention into profit,” Meyers writes. The battle royale for media supremacy will soon be engaged. more>

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