The FCC’s Latest Net Neutrality Proposal: Pros, Cons, and Question Marks

By Corynne McSherry – The FCC’s statements have stressed three bright-line rules.

These are all good ideas.

If net neutrality means anything, it means no unfair discrimination based on application or service, and these rules seem aimed at just that.

But there’s at least one worrisome bit: the repeated reference to “lawful content.”

Does the FCC intend to suggest that throttling unlawful content is OK?

How are ISPs to determine what is and is not lawful without snooping on their users? Can an ISP block access to the Pirate Bay without fear of violating open internet rules?

Another good idea is requiring providers to be more transparent. We can’t hold broadband providers accountable if we don’t know what they’re up to. more>


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