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Failure of new U.S. weapons systems may be more than science fiction


Ghost Fleet, Authors: August Cole and P.W. Singer.
The Modern Mercenary, Author: Sean McFate.

By Matthew Gault – Ghost Fleet, a new novel by national-security analysts August Cole and P.W. Singer, is fascinating. The book, set in the near future, is an account of a war between China and the United States written by two men whose day jobs are studying conflict and making policy recommendations.

The Pentagon’s current obsession with Swiss-army-knife-style weapon systems, which are able to do many different things, leads it to lose the first major battle against China in Ghost Fleet.

The F-35, in particular, is considered by many weapons experts to be a laughingstock. Its gun can’t shoot because Lockheed has yet to write the software for it; the $600,000 helmet required to fly the plane has yet to work as intended, and, in at least on case, the jet’s engine has caught fire.

Despite these problems, the Pentagon is adopting the F-35 in all of its branches … and getting rid of battle-tested legacy systems. more> http://tinyurl.com/pzfq67x


In The Cyber Realm, Let’s Be Knights Not Blacksmiths

By Jeff Schilling – Security vendors continually deploy a basic set of tools: a security information and event management (SIEM) tool; virtual machine inspection; “Layer 7” inspection; and finish with a variety of inline deep-packet inspection.

I see limited innovation with vendors that have successfully integrated these capabilities in a unified threat management (UTM) platform. The effectiveness of this approach will lean heavily on vendors’ ability in integrating and simplifying threat detection functions within UTMs.

Today’s security tools are overly complex and, in most cases, ineffective if not employed by highly trained security teams. In many scenarios, you may have to accept that while you have a great sword, it may be two feet shorter than your enemy’s simple but effective spear. more> http://tinyurl.com/odlc2vq

Updates from GE

This VR Experience Lets you Ride a Brand New GE Locomotive Across Colorado Prairie
By Zack Lord – How do you test a brand new locomotive? [VIDEO]

You take it to a custom track hooping over hundreds of high-altitude acres of a remote Colorado prairie, and push it hard to prove its mettle.

The tests typically include grueling series of tasks simulating high speed, heavy haul and other extreme conditions in one of America’s starkest and most beautiful landscapes.

GE engineers recently rode their newest Evolution Series locomotive that meets the EPA’s strict Tier 4 emission standards to the test track, which is located in Pueblo, Colo. more> http://tinyurl.com/o43ur54

Beyond the Greek Impasse

By George Friedman – The Greek situation — having perhaps outlived the term “crisis,” now that it has taken so long to unfold — appears to have finally reached its terminal point.

This is, of course, an illusion: It has been at its terminal point for a long time.

The problem is simple.

The core institutions of the European Union have functioned not as adjudicators but as collection agents, and the Greeks have learned how ruthless those agents can be when aided by collaborative governments like Cyprus.

The rest of the Europeans have also realized as much, which is why Euroskeptic parties are on the rise across the union. Germany, the country most threatened by growing anti-EU sentiment, wants to make clear that debtors face a high price for defiance.

And if resistance is confined to Greece, the Germans will have succeeded. But if, as I think it will, resistance spreads to other countries, the revolt of the debtor states against the union will cause major problems for Germany, threatening the economic powerhouse’s relationship with the rest of Europe. more> http://tinyurl.com/o87erop