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Free Trade Is No Longer a No-Brainer

By Noah Smith – It’s an old truism that economists can never agree on anything. But if you ask economists about this embarrassing fact, they will often point out that on one issue, the profession is in almost complete agreement.

Interestingly, free trade is also one of the issues where economists most vehemently disagree with the general public.

Economists are also questioning free trade from another angle. We’ve known since the time of David Ricardo [2, 3, 4] that even if free trade makes a country richer overall, many of the people within that country can be left worse off. more> http://tinyurl.com/p6chkru


How To Fix The Fundamental Flaw In How You Measure Customer Satisfaction

By George Bradt – It’s frightening how many organizations say they care about customer satisfaction and how many of them are measuring the wrong thing the wrong way and then doing the wrong things with the information anyway.

The fix is measuring satisfaction on an actionable dimension across a scientifically representative sample and then helping your front line managers use that data to effect change.

If you’re trying to drive front line customer satisfaction improvement, you should focus on the other question Enterprise asks instead: “How satisfied were you with your most recent experience?” Sandy Rogers explained. more> http://tinyurl.com/nffg7ch

Updates from GE

Go with Current: GE’s New Energy Business Changes the Power Game
By Gabe Gold – GE announced today (Oct 7) the creation of Current, a startup that combines energy hardware with a digital backbone to make power simpler and more efficient for customers.

The company, which is backed by GE’s balance sheet, brings together GE’s LED, Solar, Energy Storage and Electric Vehicle businesses as a one-stop shop for early customers like Walgreens, JPMorgan Chase, Hilton Worldwide and others.

Based in the Boston area, Current reflects GE’s shift toward new business models that address customers’ end goals.

Instead of selling separate energy products, Current will combine power offerings as a service and reduce cost for companies by simplifying energy and providing improved efficiency.

It will use GE’s Predix software platform to collect data and help customers understand how they’re using, and losing, energy. more> http://tinyurl.com/oqd7wv4

The Future of Work: The Political Work Ahead

By Herrick Chapman & Lizabeth Cohen – The fissured workplace no longer sustains a working life as it once did. Many a breadwinner requires more than one job to make things work.

How did we get here?

A huge shift has many causes, but just as in Europe, so too in the U.S., political clout of all sorts weighed heavily.

New rules of corporate governance and the rising dominion of finance, made all the stronger by financial de-regulation, rewarded short-term returns over long-term investment in people and skills. more> http://tinyurl.com/nowpwcl