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Times Are Exponentially A-Changin’ — And You Haven’t Seen Anything Yet, Says The X Prize’s Peter Diamandis
By Tomas Kellner – “We are in a period when extraordinary things are starting to happen,” Diamandis said at the Exponential Manufacturing summit in Boston, an event held by Singularity University, the future-facing think tank/startup incubator that Diamandis co-founded with the legendary inventor Ray Kurzweil eight years ago.

“You have to surf on top of the tsunami of change or you will be crushed by it.”

One of the “exponential” concepts discussed at the conference was the digital thread, a kind of a digital birth certificate that will allow companies to monitor products at every stage of their life, from birth to death. Andre Wegner, founder and CEO of the 3D-printing strategy firm Authentise, told the audience that parts will soon come equipped with sensors that will report back to the design system when the component breaks.

GE businesses have already started deploying parts of the digital thread.

The technology allowed GE to add a whole new production line to the Florence factory — which was already very competitive — without building a new production hall or adding a new shift. “It’s helping them to squeeze more out of their facilities,” says Stephan Biller, chief manufacturing scientist at GE Global Research, who helped develop the digital thread.

“I can go in and see what happens if I take a machine out. The factory will reoptimize itself instantly and the system will tell me what the consequences of adding or taking away resources are.” more> http://goo.gl/1DIk1f

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