The Third Question For BRAVE Leaders: How To Win?

By George Bradt – The most effective leaders have a simple, easy to understand overarching strategic posture that guides everything else. That informs their strategic priorities around how to win.

Michael Porter suggests that almost any value chain includes four points: design, produce, deliver, and support.

Your single overarching strategic posture should identify the right way to build and leverage unique strengths relative to competitors at one of those points. Do this while building a cultural platform supported by physical, technological, and financial infrastructure and assets and creating customers with sales and marketing.

Priorities flow from that single overarching strategic posture and guide choices across the other value chain points by clarifying in which you need to be best-in-class, world class, strong or merely good enough. In general, invest in to be best-in-class or world class and simplify or outsource the rest.

One single strategy yields clarity. Clarity yields focus and better results faster. more>

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