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Six Lessons That Society Must Learn About Agile

By Steve Denning – The article isn’t suggesting that firms embracing Agile are either angels or devils. I have yet to see a firm espousing Agile that has no flaws: those flaws must be seen for what they are and … Continue reading

Reinventing And Humanizing Management: How Agile And Beyond Budgeting Have Converged

By Steve Denning – “What is required in today’s creative economy,” wrote Gary Hamel recently, “is a radical rethink of our top-down, tradition-encrusted management principles and processes. The challenge: building organizations that are as innovative as they are efficient, as … Continue reading

Ten Keys To Launching An Agile Transformation In A Large Firm

By Steve Denning – The successful Agile transformations that I have seen in large organizations have typically begun without authority or budget resources. That’s because at the outset the organization usually doesn’t understand what Agile is or what it is … Continue reading

Is Agile The Antidote To Your Horrible Boss?

BOOK REVIEW The Castle, Author: Franz Kafka. Accelerate, Author: John Kotter. Age of Heretics, Author: Art Kleiner. By Steve Denning – If you’ve toiled in a big organization for any time, you’re familiar with the whips and scorns of an … Continue reading

What Is Agile?

By Steve Denning – As software itself becomes a critical driver in almost all businesses, Agile is now spreading to every kind of organization and every aspect of work, as recognized in 2016 by the citadel of general management—Harvard Business … Continue reading

Can The 21st Century Corporation Operate Without Agile?

By Steve Denning – In traditional management, “Strategy gets set at the top,” as Gary Hamel often explains. “Power trickles down. Big leaders appoint little leaders. Individuals compete for promotion. Compensation correlates with rank. Tasks are assigned. Managers assess performance. … Continue reading

How To Make The Whole Organization Agile

BOOK REVIEW The Leader’s Guide to Storytelling, Author: Steve Denning. By Steve Denning – Storytelling is a key leadership technique because it’s quick, powerful, free, natural, refreshing, energizing, collaborative, persuasive, holistic, entertaining, moving, memorable and authentic. Stories help people make … Continue reading

Agile Planet Launches Plug-and-Play Smart Motion Controllers

By Elizabeth Montalbano – A Texas-based startup has released two new smart controllers as part of its flagship product line aimed at simplifying motion control for manufacturing automation and other types of robots. The AX-50 and AX-100 controllers join the … Continue reading

Fragile world, fractious leaders

By Stella Dawson – Growth in emerging economies is slowing and the recovery in the United States could be losing some momentum, worrisome developments when European leaders have yet to complete the repairs needed to shore up monetary union. The … Continue reading

Stock market turmoil rattles fragile European economies

By Spencer Kimball and Mark Hallam – London’s FTSE-100 index fell by 3.05 percent and in Paris the CAC-40 dropped by 5.45 percent while in Frankfurt the DAX tumbled 5.13 percent. In New York, the Dow Jones closed down 4.62 … Continue reading