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Broadband gaps impact every member of Congress

By Adie Tomer – Digital connectivity is the glue of the modern American economy. From rural farmers to city business leaders, every industry relies on broadband to track markets, connect with customers, and sell their products. The American household is … Continue reading

Proper fiber broadband is not a waste, but you need a little socialism to do it properly

By Chris Duckett – To overcome the lust of corporations to hit the next quarterly target by squeezing the very last dollar from aging assets and instead roll out more future-proof technologies, a little government encouragement is needed in the … Continue reading

The Global Broadband Adoption Gap Needs Greater Attention

By Stuart N. Brotman – Underlying the breathtaking beauty, clean streets and impressive infrastructure is a fascinating story of a technology adoption gap and cultural resistance. This network was built about 20 years ago to jump-start an economy that was … Continue reading

The New FCC Definition of Broadband Could Change Everything for Comcast

By Haley Sweetland Edwards – That may seem like a bureaucratic hiccup. But it’s actually really big deal. Until yesterday (Jan 29), Comcast was able to use the official federal definition of broadband (4 Mbps of faster) to plausibly and … Continue reading

My Rural Broadband Journey

BOOK REVIEW My Rural Broadband Journey: the one year trail to high-speed, Author: Claire Perez. By Claire Perez – I wrote a blog about my quest for rural broadband and it is now a book. I live ten miles from … Continue reading

The Development of Fixed Broadband Networks

OECD – Content delivery and cloud computing platforms optimize the delivery of content and services across the network. The Internet was designed as an end-to-end network that provided two-way transport between devices and their users at the edge of the … Continue reading

AT&T’s ‘IP Transition’ Will Make U.S. Broadband Even Less Competitive

By Karl Bode – The problem is that AT&T’s version of the network of tomorrow for millions of users is going to mean significantly fewer choices and worse, more expensive service than ever before. While it’s true many people are … Continue reading

America’s 10-Year Experiment in Broadband Investment Has Failed

By Brendan Greeley – Every government that wants to get more of its citizens online runs into the same problem. It’s very expensive to run fixed lines of copper or even faster fiber along the “last mile,” the stretch that … Continue reading

Broadband Regulations Should Heed the Lessons from the Dynamic Technology Industry

By Wayne Winegarden – Critics of the broadband industry consistently under-appreciate the benefits generated from these new and different types of competitors, viewing the market from the silos of the past. They also under-appreciate how technologies that are unimaginable today … Continue reading

Dial-up rules for the broadband age?

By Scott Cleland – Eventually the truth comes out. In 1999, Harvard Law Professor Larry Lessig popularized the notion of the Internet as a “commons” with “neutral” access. In 2002, his student, now Columbia Law Professor Tim Wu, coined the … Continue reading