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Restoring the Rule of Law in Financial Markets

By Simon Johnson – The political debate about finance in the US is often cast as markets versus regulation, as if “more regulation” means the efficiency of private sector decisions will necessarily be impeded or distorted. But this is the … Continue reading

Does trend-chasing explain financial markets?

By Noah Smith – That’s why this 2012 paper (pdf) by Andrei Shleifer and Robin Greenwood is so interesting. They take an extremely simple approach toward measuring people expectations: Just ask people what they think is going to happen! Actually, … Continue reading

Eurozone Governments and the Financial Markets: A Troubled Marriage

By Douglas J. Elliott – Financial markets and the governments of advanced economies around the world are inextricably tied together in an unbreakable marriage. The two sides need each other. Governments borrow huge sums of money and, for its part, … Continue reading

Financial markets are still ruled by instant gratification

By Larry Elliott – There were four big economic shifts that helped cause the credit crunch and the recession that followed; from regulated to de-regulated markets; from manufacturing to finance; from west to east, and from labour to capital. There … Continue reading

Financialization Is Marketization!

By Olivier Godechot – The concept of financialization was first forged by post-Keynesian or neo-Marxist authors as a new “pattern of accumulation in which profit making occurs increasingly through financial channels rather than through trade and commodity production.” Four types … Continue reading

Markets Are Restacking the Building Blocks of a Financial Crisis

By William D. Cohan – The problem is that — just as in the year or so before September 2008 — the credit markets are once again badly mispricing risk. Thanks to the easy-money policies in ascendancy among central bankers … Continue reading

EU wants to tame ‘financialization’ of commodity markets

EurActiv – While global metal and mineral markets generally follow a cyclical pattern based on supply and demand, the 2002-2008 period was marked by unforeseen high prices triggered by soaring demand in emerging countries, according to the European Commission. “It … Continue reading

The Ideology of Self-interest Caused the Financial Crash. We Need a New Economic Paradigm

By Mark van Vugt and Michael E. Price – We are still feeling the effects of the global financial crisis, which started in the US in 2008, and that has now spread to every corner of the world. The financial … Continue reading

How The Handling Of The Financial After-Crisis Fuels Populism

By Guillaume Duval – Ten years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers people are frequently asking themselves why the crisis has done so much to strengthen populism and nationalism everywhere you go. However, economically and socially, the process that lies … Continue reading

Four Lessons (Not) Learned From The Financial Crisis

By John T. Harvey – That’s fantastic. Good work, Presidents Bush, Obama and Trump. But just because we bailed the water out of the sinking ship doesn’t mean we patched all the holes. And while the former is a necessary … Continue reading