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Verizon Voice Link plan for Fire Island approved by NY commission

By Samantha Bookman – State officials found themselves in a tough spot on the issue. As Memorial Day weekend looms, signaling the start of the summer season at Fire Island–a popular vacation spot–the PSC needed to get communications up quickly. … Continue reading

Verizon’s Test Of Landline-Less Service Leaves Some Customers Out In Cold

By Chris Morran – Fire Island doesn’t have any cable service. Thus, businesses and residents have relied on Verizon‘s landline network not just for their phone service, but also for Internet access and other services. One local restaurant owner tells … Continue reading

Verizon would end “century of regulation” by killing wireline phone, says NY AG

By Jon Brodkin – New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman this week accused Verizon of trying to “depart from a century of telephone service regulation” by ending wireline telephone service in a part of Fire Island devastated by Hurricane Sandy … Continue reading

State of Telecommunications

First, Tom Wheeler, the Federal Communication Commission Chairman, must be congratulated for adroitly navigating the “net neutrality” whirlpools [2] and positioning the FCC as the champion of “fast, fair and open” internet. However, there is a risk that future FCC may … Continue reading

We’re About to Lose Net Neutrality — And the Internet as We Know It

By Marvin Ammori – Net neutrality is a dead man walking. That’s where we are today €” waiting for the most powerful court in the nation, the DC Circuit, to rule in Verizon‘s case. During the case’s oral argument, back … Continue reading

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