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The FCC’s net neutrality proposal: A shameful sham that sells out consumers

By Tom Wheeler – Fighting against monopolization in the internet era…meet ideologically-driven “do what the big guys want.” A fair and open internet is the backbone of the digital economy. The FCC has sold out to the wishes of the … Continue reading

Net neutrality 2.0: Perspectives on FCC regulation of internet service providers

By Stuart N. Brotman – The final outcome of this high-profile, high-impact proceeding will not be apparent until sometime late in 2017, at the earliest. Congress may also become more seriously involved at some point on the legislative front. But … Continue reading

Net Neutrality Trumping Privacy Undercuts The U.S.-EU Data Safe Harbor

By Scott Cleland – The U.S. government’s Internet priorities in Europe are upside down. It has chosen bits over bodies, prioritizing protecting the neutrality of innumerable inanimate Internet bits over protecting peoples’ privacy and personal data. The European Court of … Continue reading

EU plans to destroy net neutrality by allowing Internet fast lanes

By Glyn Moody – A two-tier Internet will be created in Europe as the result of a late-night “compromise” between the European Commission, European Parliament and the EU Council. The so-called “trilogue” meeting to reconcile the different positions of the … Continue reading

Global Threats to Net Neutrality

New York Times – In Europe and India, proponents of weak net neutrality rules appear to have bought into the misguided notion that higher charges are necessary to keep telecommunications companies in business and, further, that the companies have a … Continue reading

The FCC’s Net Neutrality Victory Is Anything But

By Geoffrey A. Manne – Almost no one really gets it. Fewer still understand Title II, the regulatory tool the FCC just invoked to impose its conception of net neutrality on the Internet. And telecom lawyers? They love it: whatever … Continue reading

The FCC’s Latest Net Neutrality Proposal: Pros, Cons, and Question Marks

By Corynne McSherry – The FCC’s statements have stressed three bright-line rules. These are all good ideas. If net neutrality means anything, it means no unfair discrimination based on application or service, and these rules seem aimed at just that. … Continue reading

The FCC isn’t afraid of AT&T’s legal threats over net neutrality

By Jon Brodkin – The FCC official said it’s a simple matter: broadband providers offer, for a fee, a service to the public consisting of the transmission of packets. That makes it telecommunications. The Communications Act (pdf) says an information service is “the offering of … Continue reading

Happy About Net Neutrality? Why You Might Want to Thank Verizon

By Haley Sweetland Edwards – .. Meanwhile, others in the industry—ahem, Verizon—were less enthused. They thought the FCC’s rules were unfair and overly burdensome, and so decided to sue the Commission in an effort to get them overturned. Verizon’s argument … Continue reading

The Debate Over Net Neutrality Has Its Roots in the Fight Over Radio Freedom

By Clive Thompson – The idea of transmitting sound waves through the air caught on especially after the experiments of the Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi [2, 3, 4, 5, 6] in the late 19th century. With relatively small amounts of … Continue reading