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‘Culture of arrogance’ felled telecom giant Nortel, study finds

By Janet McFarland – Nortel in its early days was a model of deep technological expertise through its Bell Northern Research (BNR) laboratories and its strong connection to customers, enabling the company to maintain a “first-mover” advantage in many markets. … Continue reading

Apple-led consortium peels off Nortel patents

By James Bagnall – One hundred and sixteen years after its founding, Nortel Networks has reached a deal to sell all its remaining patents for a remarkable $4.5 billion to a consortium of six high-tech giants – Apple, EMC, Ericsson, Microsoft, … Continue reading

Bid for Nortel patents marks Google’s new push into mobile world

By Iain Marlow – The so-called “stalking horse” bid sets a ballpark figure for a bidding process in June in which global technology giants will battle it out for the last meaningful assets within storied Nortel, which stumbled out of … Continue reading

Google to Get $25 Million Breakup Fee If Rival Wins Bid for Nortel Patents

By Steven Church – Google Inc. (GOOG) will be paid a $25 million breakup fee if another bidder wins a proposed auction for bankrupt Nortel Networks Corp. (NRTLQ)‘s patent portfolio. The proposed breakup fee and other concessions were necessary for … Continue reading

Ericsson Completes LG-Nortel Buy

Ericsson – Ericsson has completed the acquisition of Nortel’s majority shareholding (50%+1 share) in LG-Nortel, the joint venture of LG Electronics and Nortel Networks. Today’s closing follows the announcement on April 21 that Ericsson had entered into a share purchase … Continue reading

Nortel May Raise as Much as $1.1 Billion From Patents

By Hugo Miller – Nortel Networks Corp., the insolvent Canadian phone-equipment maker, may get as much as $1.1 billion for technology patents. “Patent estates of this size don’t come along that often,” said Conley, who is managing director of Santa … Continue reading

Ericsson to acquire control of LG-Nortel joint venture

By Caroline Gabriel – Ericsson has been the biggest winner from the year-long break-up of Nortel and may not have stopped picking over its bankrupt rival’s carcass yet. The Swedish giant, which bought Nortel’s CDMA, LTE and GSM assets, is … Continue reading

Updates from Ciena

Coherent optical turns 10: Here’s how it was made By Bo Gowan – This is the story of how a team of over 100 people in Ciena’s R&D labs pulled together an impressive collection of technology innovations that created a … Continue reading

Financialization in telecom

The normal role for finance in the economy is to facilitate trade and production efficiently. Through these transactions profits are generated. However, due to dysfunctional factors, it can become more profitable to use financial methods to generate profits without trade … Continue reading

What is strange about the telecom industry?

By George Mattathil – The technologies, vocabulary, and principles underlying the telecom networks and the Internet are as alien as the German and French languages, even though the telecom networks and the Internet are an inseparable mesh. The concurrent decline … Continue reading