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Economist – “I DON’T care who writes a nation’s laws, or crafts its advanced treatises, if I can write its economics textbooks.” So said Paul Samuelson [2, 3], an American economist who more than achieved his aim by producing a … Continue reading

Five Reasons You Should Blame The Economics Discipline For Today’s Problems

By John T. Harvey – This ended up being a pretty long piece so, for the “tl;dr” people, here is a quick summary: We are experiencing deep economic problems and it is the fault of the economics discipline. The consequences … Continue reading

Economics Is a Mess and Needs to be Reformed

By Cameron Murray – In economics, and the undergraduate courses where the majority of students get their complete economics training, this means uniform domination by the neoclassical approach – mirroring its dominance in mainstream journals and research activities. Even the … Continue reading

Fixing What’s Wrong With Economics 101

By Matthew Klein – Economics is the most popular major at Harvard, Yale (pdf) and Princeton. Rightly or wrongly, these students and others will have an outsized impact on policy making, so it matters how the subject is taught. Yet … Continue reading

The world has changed and economics hasn’t

By Steve Denning – The challenge is massive because shareholder value is now deeply embedded in the basic economics that is taught in business schools and economics faculties around the world. Moving on from the shareholder value theory, which even … Continue reading

Updates from Chicago Booth

Blockchain’s weakest links By Chana R. Schoenberger – Blockchain” has become a business buzzword. Commentators, thought leaders, and business experts are highlighting how the distributed-ledger technology promises to revolutionize business and logistics. Universities are teaching courses in blockchain. Blockchain jobs … Continue reading

It’s time to junk the flawed economic models that make the world a dangerous place

By Paul Mason – The Kingston University economist Steve Keen has long argued that reliance on flawed models contributed to the scale of the 2008 crash – by encouraging decision-makers to underestimate risks, economic theory has the power to make … Continue reading

The World Isn’t Ready for Gross National Happiness

By Noah Smith – Humanity has puzzled over the meaning of happiness for millennia, but now it’s being asked by economists. The focus on happiness represents a philosophical shift for the economics field, but not necessarily an unwelcome one. Economists’ … Continue reading

The Gloves Come Off

By David Brodwin – Why were so many leading economists utterly blindsided by the collapse of the mortgage market? Why did standard economics fail to predict the near-bankruptcy and federal bailout of most major financial institutions in the U.S.? The … Continue reading