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The World is Changing

By George Mattathil – The internet is transforming the world. Old rules are obsolete [2]…

How do you build for the emerging Net economy?

The old model for building a business is the ‘Castle model.’ Here the objective is to build a castle, then bring everything inside, and the focus is on ownership. And ownership provides control. So bigger the castle and more stuff you have in the castle, better the business.

Now this is the old model. The “Castle-mindset” has organization wide impact. Traditionally, the high cost of building a castle provided barriers for entry.

But with the Internet the barriers provided by castles no longer exist. This is one of the reasons why businesses need to change in order to be successful in the digital economy. You can no longer depend on the Castle for protection.

Digital EcosystemTM is a conceptual model and business architecture for the Net economy to help visualize the possibilities.

Digital Ecosystems are streamlined, interconnected internal and external processes required for business operation implemented over a robust and reliable distributed infrastructure with sufficient control and monitoring systems.

The Digital Ecosystem consists of these 5 interconnected components. The core business operations, the distributed infrastructure. Internal and external processes for supporting the business operation. And there is one more key element which is the Control & Monitoring functions needed to make sure that the processes are operating effectively.

Focus need to be on implementing workflow automation for high operational efficiency. This means that the network elements and components involved need to be monitored constantly for problems. Fault location, identification and resolution are to be implemented proactively to eliminate operational failures.

You Have two choices:

  • Build your Digital Ecosystem, or
  • Become part of Digital Ecosystem(s) that meets your needs and interests.

There are four primary types of ecosystems: (1) Hornet’s Nest, (2) Lion’s Pride, (3) Shark Tank, and (4) Wolf Pack.

For more conceptual details, please read: The new age of ecosystems.

For technology details, please see: Digital Ecosystem.


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