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How to learn effectively using the Internet

By George Mattathil – For each Net Learning Cluster session, have a large number of articles and web pages ready for review, so that you don’t spend time searching for material during the session.

With each web page or article ask yourself: Am I interested in reading this again?

Next week? Next month? Next Year?

Learn to arrive at this decision rapidly. If the answer is ‘No’, proceed to the next one.

This step will help improve your reading, comprehension, and decision making skills. more>


Updates from Senator Barbara Boxer



CONGRESS WATCH Subcommittee details Swiss bank involvement in U.S. tax evasion, weak U.S. response, US Senate Levin opening statement at Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations hearing into efforts to collect unpaid taxes resulting from offshore tax evasion, US Senate FRIB Funding … Continue reading


CONGRESS WATCH Senator Boxer’s Statement: The Keystone Pipeline and the Threat to Human Health, US Senate Boxer, Durbin, Harkin, Blumenthal, Markey Introduce Legislation to Protect Kids From E-Cigarettes, US Senate


CONGRESS WATCH Obama’s Military Cuts Endanger America, Steve Chabot


CONGRESS WATCH Citing Concerns over Cable Rates, Sen. Franken Says Comcast, Time-Warner Deal Needs Careful Scrutiny, US Senate After Repeated Push from Sen. Franken, Administration Reacts to Propane Shortage by Working to Boost Pipeline Shipments to Midwest, US Senate Sen. … Continue reading


CONGRESS WATCH Sen. Lisa Murkowski’s Veteran Spotlight on Jane Fuerstenau, YouTube [VIDEO 18:53] Robert Lupo reciting Emotions at the Vietnam Wall (HD), YouTube [VIDEO 5:16] U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski Address, [VIDEO]


CONGRESS WATCH Heller Opening Statement at Legislative Presentation of the Disabled American Veterans, YouTube [VIDEO 3:08]

Views from the Solar System (193)


First Moments of a Solar Flare in Different Wavelengths of Light

NASA – On Feb. 24, 2014, the sun emitted a significant solar flare, peaking at 7:49 p.m. EST. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), which keeps a constant watch on the sun, captured images of the event. These SDO images from 7:25 p.m. EST on Feb. 24 show the first moments of this X-class flare in different wavelengths of light — seen as the bright spot that appears on the left limb of the sun. Hot solar material can be seen hovering above the active region in the sun’s atmosphere, the corona.

Solar flares are powerful bursts of radiation, appearing as giant flashes of light in the SDO images. Harmful radiation from a flare cannot pass through Earth’s atmosphere to physically affect humans on the ground, however — when intense enough — they can disturb the atmosphere in the layer where GPS and communications signals travel.

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Image Credit: NASA/SDO

Where Have All the Workers Gone?

By George Packer – The invisibility of work and workers in the digital age is as consequential as the rise of the assembly line and, later, the service economy.

Whether as victim, demon, or hero, the industrial worker of the past century filled the public imagination in books, movies, news stories, and even popular songs, putting a grimy human face on capitalism while dramatizing the social changes and conflicts it brought.

The guy stocking shelves and the girl scanning purchases at Target never occupied much of a place in the public mind, and certainly never a romantic one (no one composed a “Ballad of the Floor Associate”), but at least you had to look at them whenever you ventured out to stimulate the economy.

They reminded you that low-priced Chinese-made goods were a mixed blessing–that many of the jobs being created in post-industrial America were crappy ones. more>