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Greek crisis exposes credit market’s fragile state

By Jane Merriman – The panic over Greece’s finances has exposed the fragile state of liquidity in corporate credit markets, particularly for bank debt, spurring the European Central Bank to give itself the option to buy corporate bonds. “Two weeks … Continue reading

Climate pact appears increasingly fragile; U.N. official quits

By Juliet Eilperin and Steven Mufson – Just two months after patching together a climate deal in Copenhagen, the world’s biggest emitters of greenhouse gases are trying to figure out how to keep the fragile accord together, while the United … Continue reading

Click Here For The Brave New World Of Work

By Steve Coulter – Technology is transforming the world of work, but social democrats and others appear unsure how to respond. Progressives embrace change but want technology to benefit the many and not just the few who develop, own or … Continue reading

Updates from Siemens

Automotive Software Development Siemens – Embedded software is driving remarkable new business opportunities in the automotive industry and fueling innovation in connectivity, electrification, and autonomous vehicle development. However, managing automotive software development complexity is a big challenge. The complexity is … Continue reading

Updates from Siemens

Medical Equipment Design and Development Solutions Siemens – Medical instrument and equipment companies must carefully examine all of their development projects to ensure that product development portfolios make the best use of people, time and money. Too often, companies find … Continue reading

Trump’s Assault on American Governance Just Crossed a Threshold

By John Cassidy – Since Donald Trump entered the White House, American democracy has sometimes been described as dangerously fragile, but that isn’t necessarily true. Having survived for two hundred and forty-two years, American democracy is more like a stoutly … Continue reading

Updates from Ciena

Why Adaptive is the biggest story in networking By Joe Cumello – Next-gen, intelligent, flexible, automated, agile, optimized, programmable, elastic. Our industry has been using these words for years to describe the end game for networks. With Ciena’s recent 25-year anniversary, … Continue reading

Updates from Siemens

What is enterprise PLM? The answer is today’s Teamcenter. By Margaret Furleigh – As Teamcenter has evolved as the world’s most widely used enterprise PLM software, the challenge has been to explain in simple terms the enormity and complexity of … Continue reading

What Is Strategic Agility?

By Steve Denning – As I suggested here and here, the subject of Strategic Agility is important because it’s central to the key business issue: how to make money from Agile? If the Agile movement is only about creating great … Continue reading

Brookings experts on Trump’s National Security Strategy

Brookings Institution – The United States was born of a desire for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness—and a conviction that unaccountable political power is tyranny. For these reasons, our Founders crafted and ratified the Constitution, establishing the republican … Continue reading