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Agile Planet Launches Plug-and-Play Smart Motion Controllers

By Elizabeth Montalbano – A Texas-based startup has released two new smart controllers as part of its flagship product line aimed at simplifying motion control for manufacturing automation and other types of robots.

The AX-50 and AX-100 controllers join the AX-RLX as offerings from Agile Planet, a company that grew from technology licensed from the University of Texas (UT), developed over about 15 years, CEO Chetan Kapoor told Design News. more> http://tinyurl.com/b9spbwn

2012 Will Be Year of the Engineer

By Alexander Wolfe – The first impediment towards elevated esteem is that the average person doesn’t really know what an engineer is or does. Truth be told, I’m not so sure we’re all agreed on it either.

The always-reliable Wikipedia defines an engineer as “a professional practitioner of engineering.” Gee, thanks, crowdsourcers. Dictionary.com says it’s a person “skilled in the design, construction, and use of engines or machines.” I guess that finally puts the EEs in their place.

Henry Petroski made a cogent point in his Design News column, Distinguishing Between Scientists & Engineers . He noted how newspapers consistently use “science” when they mean “engineering.” Thus scientists become the embodiment of white-coat wisdom. more> http://is.gd/iYFdhT

Ford Revs EcoBoost Engine

By Rob Spiegel – Ford designed the tiny three-cylinder engine to match or exceed the power of an engine more than half again its size. “We were looking to see if we could deliver the power of a four-cylinder 1.6 engine in a smaller size,” Richard Truett, powertrain communications manger at Ford, told Design News. “We did it with direct fuel injections and turbo charging.”

The line of EcoBoost engines was developed at Ford’s Dunton Technical Center in the UK. more> http://is.gd/ok7dty