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Will Greece Unravel the European Experiment?

By Doug Bandow – In 1992, German chancellor Helmut Kohl predicted the “creation of what the founding fathers of modern Europe dreamed of after the war, the United States of Europe.”

Most dramatically, Dutch and French voters rejected the proposed constitution to expand Brussels’ authority and reduce national independence a decade ago.

The Eurocrats then repackaged the convoluted constitution as an incomprehensible treaty, which could be approved by national parliaments. Only in Ireland was a popular vote required. The Irish voted no …

More power shifted to Brussels. However, multiplying bureaucracy stifled action, and the Eurocrats chose two utterly forgettable figures as president and foreign minister. Loyalty to the EU failed to extend beyond the organization’s sprawling headquarters-buildings in Brussels.

Europe’s chattering classes wanted “more Europe,” but had no way to get it. Then the Euro crisis exploded … more> http://tinyurl.com/nvwmxdt


Will Europe Censor This Article?

By Matt Ford – The court recognized what some European legislators call “the right to be forgotten”–the idea of giving ordinary citizens more control over their personal data, including its deletion. Its ruling sets a precedent for both national courts and the ECJ itself in future cases.

Fundamental differences in legal philosophy make it unlikely that the EU’s new right will cross the Atlantic. One person’s right to be forgotten logically imposes a responsibility to forget upon someone else.

That concept of rights is alien to American law: With a single exception, the Constitution and its Bill of Rights bind the government, not the people.

The Thirteenth Amendment uniquely restricts the American people themselves–and quite rightly so–by forbidding them from owning one another. more> http://tinyurl.com/lus6zn4

How The Hungarian Disease Is Spreading Across Central Europe

By Marek Tatala & Fred Roeder – In September of this year, Polish prime minister Donald Tusk announced his intention to undo pension system reforms and seize parts of the mandatory private pension funds. The law would undo the successful achievements of the Polish transformation since 1989, which was achieved through privatization and not nationalization.

Nationalizing Polish pensions funds would not lead to sustainable fiscal consolidation and will undo Poland‘s efforts over the last two decades to become a success story of growth and prosperity. more> http://tinyurl.com/pbjydkb

EU2020 Lost

New Europe – The EU2020 strategy was adopted in Lisbon in 2010 as a growth plan for the EU to deal with the ongoing economic crisis. The basis upon which it was structured was that the future of EU could only be considered as successful, if its economy is based on environmental friendly and sustainable investments (Green Economy) and if the EU Institutions can ensure Europeans’ good living standards (employment, social inclusion, democracy, justice).

This week, Eurostat presented a report on the progress towards achieving the EU2020 goals. The results, especially on its “overarching” targets are more than disappointing. more> http://tinyurl.com/m2r396v

A major European failure

By Konstantin Tsapogas – The Greek political system is certainly responsible for creating an uncontrollable mess that opened the doors to the first experiment of running a EU member state directly from Brussels, Frankfurt and Berlin. But from the moment the core decision making process has moved from Athens to these three European capitals, so did responsibility for the effects and results.

The painfully obvious lack of statesmanship in Europe, be it at the European level in Brussels or at the major European capitals has guaranteed this result. By a combination of bureaucratic short- sightedness, technocratic aphasia, ideological paralysis, populism and downright bloody-mindedness, it transformed a financial crisis to major European political crisis. more> http://tinyurl.com/pt9rlbu


A small problem in Germany

By Theodoros Benakis – The view in many parts of Brussels is that the future of Europe, at least for the next few years, will not be decided by the ever more unpopular elections for the European parliament in 2014, but by the German electorate on 22 September.

According to the leaders of The Alternative, the euro has failed as a currency. As an alternative to the Mark, they could accept a two class euro.

A first class ‘saints euro’, the currency of the rich and budgetary ordered countries. A second class ‘sinners euro’ of the poor, good for the South and any budgetary ‘weak’ country. more> http://tinyurl.com/pwjtcr8

France wants EU, US trade talks mandate published

neurope.eu – “The first week of discussions on a transatlantic partnership agreement closed in a climate of doubt,” Trade Minister Nicole Bricq wrote in French newspaper Liberation.

“The US once again showed its splendid ambivalence. It is a country where everything seems possible and whose dynamism and energy we French envy. At the same time it is a prickly power incapable of resisting the temptations its supremacy gives it.” more> http://tinyurl.com/q2tkhse

The systemic nature of the Eurozone crisis

By Jorgo Chatzimarkakis Mark Esposito – The Eurozone has entered its fourth year of crisis. Member states have been falling into debt so severe, they have had to request bailouts tied to crippling austerity measures. Instead of providing some relief, these measures are only making matters worse. Like dominoes, successive member states find themselves on a negative economic watch. Living conditions have deteriorated and unemployment rates are skyrocketing.

This clearly shows that the steps taken by European leaders to address the euro crisis have not worked; instead, they are putting the European Union itself in danger. Instead of addressing core systemic problems, the EU has been defending its policies both within and outside of its borders. more> http://tinyurl.com/kqc7olq


Rehn: Bring me the heart of Asterix the Gaul

neurope.eu – Olli Rehn, the commissioner for austerity, has revealed the passion behind the Finnish cool. Indeed he has a greater sense of humor than it would seem to many observers.

He explains, “Driven by the intervention of the Roman Empire, the friendly Gallic village artificially stimulate the production of menhirs. This poor choice of short-term economic causes discord among the villagers. They must overcome their differences to construct a more clever strategy and, most importantly, more sustainable, while repelling the Romans.”

However, the book is a parody of economics, not a prescription. more> http://tinyurl.com/ml7hz9z

A new model of governance

By Francisco Jaime Quesado – European Leaders are discussing a new model of governance. The citizens are tired, demand more and more new ideas and new solutions for a new governance model for Europe. This idea is an effective challenge for change in a Europe that must face the expectations of a new society, more demanding and more capable of driving the imperative of excellence. Europe.gov must be the right expression of a new time where a new social capital must be shared by all the classes in a Europe of change.

Most European leaders insist that innovation and technology are the “enablers” for competitiveness in Europe. Universities and companies must perform a new strategic partnership centered in the objectives of the added value, creativity and knowledge. This is the basis for a future effective implementation of the Lisbon agenda. more> http://tinyurl.com/ksvqoxv