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Republicans learn the limits of reconciliation with failed ACA repeal

By Molly E. Reynolds – In Congress, we expect that the majority party’s choices about what to work on and how to work on it will be guided, in large part, by their desire to maintain and grow their majority in the future. As the process went on over the past several months, it became increasingly clear that, for the current GOP leadership, what they thought was best for the party’s collective fortunes was adopting something that they could credibly claim “repeals Obamacare.”

The rules of the budget process, including the Byrd Rule, place restrictions on the content of reconciliation bills and amendments to them. While it can be difficult to know exactly how these rules shape a particular piece of legislation, one consequence of them is that leadership does not necessarily have as much room to maneuver in terms of deal-making as they might have on other bills.

What’s more, by turning to a process that did not require the support of any Democrats to move forward, Republicans could not rely on the opposition of the other party as a useful foil while they sought to build a winning coalition.

Instead, all attention was focused on the party’s internal conflicts and inability to reach agreement—a task made harder by the presence of a same-party president without the policy expertise or interest to help broker the necessary deals. more> https://goo.gl/gLaUNR

Why Single-Payer Health Care Could Work in California

By Natalie Shure – This groundswell of public enthusiasm has given rise to multiple initiatives to construct single-payer systems at the state-level, in places where local politics are more amenable to leftward reform than Washington’s.

California’s bill advanced on the heels of a similar one in May that made it through the New York Assembly. Last week, Nevada’s legislature voted to allow anyone to buy into Medicaid coverage—a move that would effectually create a so-called “public option” that some argue could be a gateway toward single-payer.

The overwhelming majority of proponents of state-level single-payer cite a unified national program as their endgame, and state-based overhauls may indeed by the most feasible route there.

In many ways, California seems better poised for a single-payer coup than any other state. A Democratic supermajority controls both houses of the California legislature, which has already passed similar bills in 2006 and 2008 (albeit arguably underdeveloped ones, which were subsequently vetoed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger). more> https://goo.gl/S4PKsc

Does Obamacare Put Too Much Faith in Markets?

Market Street

Market Street (Photo credit: glennharper)


Social Limits to Growth, Author: Fred Hirsch.

By Mark Buchanan – The idea of Obamacare was to harness the power of the market to deliver better health care. Perhaps the resulting monstrosity is our punishment for being so slow to see that markets aren’t the solution to everything.

Putting profit-seeking at the core of a health-care market may indeed stimulate innovative new technologies and cost savings. But the more caring for the sick comes to be seen as a simple profit opportunity, the more we risk losing or crowding out established nonmarket norms about caring for others, norms on which effective care really depends.

Hirsch predicted that the competition for comparative success would, if unchecked, erode the values of community and social cohesion that capitalist societies inherit from earlier times, displacing these norms with an “everyone for themselves” ethos. more> http://tinyurl.com/kh2aoet


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The Obamacare omen

By Grady Means – The central point made by conservative Republicans, or Democrats who appreciate the free market, is that the private sector, properly directed, is the most effective way to create economic growth and solve complex problems such as heath care cost control, quality and availability.

If he (the President) had ever participated in the real U.S. economy, even a little bit, he would have had a lot more respect for those who are competent to build and run successful economic enterprises. Companies that compete and succeed really are magical geese that lay golden eggs, and the United States, properly led by those who understand that, has been amazingly successful at breeding those magic geese, which feed us all. more> http://tinyurl.com/ojfhg63



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