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Updates from Ciena

What’s Next for Cable Business Services?
By Darren McKinney – The state of cable business services, fiber versus coax, the addition of mobile services along with the advent of 5G (friend or foe), new service offerings, service level agreements, the move to virtualization, and more, were all hot topics at the recent Light Reading “Future of Cable Business Services” conference.

I have attended this conference for several years, and as it falls at the end of year it’s always a good time to reflect on what this means for the cable industry moving forward. Here are my top takeaways from the 2018 event, and what I’m thinking about heading into 2019.

For years business services represented 20%+ year-over-year revenue growth for cable MSOs – a significant growth engine given MSOs have experienced declining video subscribers (due to OTT competition), and have generally had consolidated revenue growth of 5-10% in recent years. MSOs have experienced higher growth rates in business services with small (100 employees), where these customers require more sophisticated services and competitive service level agreements (SLAs). more>


Industry redesign necessary for the growth of Broadband networks

By George Mattathil – There are two fundamental network technologies:

Each has its own unique advantages and limitations. Neither of them can replace the other without performance and/or service impairments.

Better (in terms of performance and cost) systems can be developed by using either or both, depending on requirements — rather than preselecting packet technology.

Packet-centric approach creates inertia with premature obsolescence of circuit infrastructure and products.

Transfer Networktm is redesign of the access network — taking into account functionality, performance, cost, compatibility with existing infrastructure, minimizing interoperability and upgrade problems. more> Redesign