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The Urgency of Strengthening and Redefining HR

By Howard Risher – The problem, as summarized in the report’s Foreword by NAPA President Terry Gerton, is fundamental:

Over time, the alignment between the government’s mission, strategy, and tactics on one hand, and the capacity of its workforce on the other, has fallen further out of sync. The result has been an accumulating series of program failures that have grown into a genuine national crisis.

To call it a national crisis is not hyperbole.

Human capital management leads the 2017 list of GAO’s high-risk areas and workforce management is integral to each of the areas on the list. GAO’s focus was limited to the skills gap. In its report, GAO concluded, “OPM and agencies have not yet demonstrated sustainable progress in closing skills gaps.” It’s been on the high-risk list for 16 years.

The skills gap needs to be seen as the tip of the iceberg. Skills alone cannot produce improved performance. The Office of Personnel Management describes the problem on its website with this formula:

Performance = Capacity x Commitment

According to OPM’s website, “In a work setting, the capacity to perform means having available the competencies [skills], the resources [technology is an essential tool], and the opportunity to complete the job [empowered to make decisions]. If employees are missing these, the work will not get done and the results will not be achieved.” Commitment is synonymous with engagement. more>

Updates from GE

Gulfstream Jets Get Smarter

GE – Vic Bonneau, president of GE Aviation’s Electrical Power Business Bonneau and his team have decided to rewire the private jet and developed a modular “brain” spread out across the aircraft. It includes a data concentration network linking multiple aircraft systems with special software that “intelligently” monitors power distribution through the plane, and also the jet’s health.

Bonneau says that a new power system, for example, can eliminate as much as 3 miles of cabling and over 400 mechanical circuit breakers. It could strip more than 200 pounds in redundant copper and fiberoptic wires from planes.

Here’s how the system works: the data concentration network collects performance information from sensors distributed throughout the plane. Using an aircraft network GE originally built for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the data travels to the Gulfstreams’ aircraft health management unit. The unit can detect, predict and isolate potential issues with aircraft systems, engines and other equipment sometimes weeks in advance, before they can cause trouble. more> http://tinyurl.com/p4gyywb