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The Path to Better Management of Government’s Huge Programs

By Alan Balutis, Dan Chenok, Greg Giddens, Stan Soloway and Jim Williams – The pace of technology is more rapid today. Government, like the commercial sector, has changed its approach to the concept of programs, shifting to a model in which modular steps and agile processes have largely displaced traditional, large-scale “waterfall” strategies. Still, the need for strong program management skills remains central to success.

But, outside of the Department of Defense and a few civilian agencies, program management is not ‘institutionalized’ as an established management discipline.”

  • First, we believe there needs to a clear line of leadership. Program management is a core component of agency success and should be treated and embraced as such.
  • Second, we need to establish clarity of responsibility and accountability for the delivery of program results.
  • Third, with the establishment under PMIAA (Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act) of the program management career field, we must move quickly to design and implement a consistent training and professional development process for program managers, as well as a clear and contemporary set of requirements for hiring them.
  • Change management, a skill critical to driving success in managing complex programs involving multiple stakeholders, should be a key element of this curriculum.
  • Fourth, to help program managers continue to grow and learn, OMB (Office of Management and Budget) should ensure that the Program Management Policy Council created by the statute is set up effectively.

With these building blocks in place, agencies can zero in on what is most important: performance. Programs fail for many reasons, including inadequate governance, meaningless metrics, and insufficient capacity for or willingness to change. Strong program management can help overcome each of those barriers; without it, they are likely to endure. more> https://goo.gl/PHG67A


How Government Can Get Better at Managing Big Programs

By Tom Shoop – The expert panel listed seven conditions necessary to institutionalize program management as a discipline in government:

  • An integrated approach to the development of government-wide program management policy and oversight of agency implementation.
  • Agency leadership support for program management.
  • Integration of program management into strategic planning, goal-setting and performance improvement processes.
  • Clearly established roles and responsibilities of agency executives and stakeholders in program management processes.
  • A strong, senior-level program management organization in agencies.
  • A government-wide job series for program managers that spans business functions with a career path that extends into the senior career executive management ranks.
  • An organization bringing together senior program management officials from across the government to advise on government-wide policy, share leading practices, and oversee the development of expert program management resources.

“Successful adoption of program management would enable the government to more consistently and efficiently achieve public purposes, save taxpayer dollars, enhance service delivery, and perhaps most importantly, rebuild public trust,” the report concluded. more> http://tinyurl.com/nen82tu