Sustaining the Momentum of the Women’s March: Where We Go From Here

For those of us who are committed social justice activists or organizers, the sheer scale of this march was awe-inspiring. It gives us hope, a necessary antidote to despair. And this is no time for despair.

As organizers, it is our job to engage new people, to grow our numbers and build people power for social justice.

The millions of people who took action on Saturday (Jan 21) — in every corner of our country — are an important part of the future of our social movements. It is our critical task as organizers to inspire them, grow movements with our bare hands, and sustain them.

We have to create opportunities for people to engage in resistance, open our doors to people who have never been part of an organization, and create space for them to bring their ideas, skills and creativity.

Paid organizers will never be enough. That’s why we must find ways to unleash the potential of millions of activated people to act on a wide variety of fronts: to talk to one another, to knock on doors, to self-organize actions and lobby days, to pass legislation, to register voters and to run for office.

Source: Sustaining the Momentum of the Women’s March: Where We Go From Here


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