How to Work for a Human Tornado |

The experience of working for a human tornado can feel a lot like being on the plains in a summer storm.

You know the conditions are ripe for destruction and devastation, you just don’t know exactly where the tornado is going to hit, which way it’s going to turn, what it’s going to sweep up in its path and destroy and what it’s going to leave standing. Waiting for the inevitable but unpredictable forces of a tornado and then dealing with the damage is a very high stress experience.

Working for a human tornado can create a similar but different phenomenon. At least with a real tornado, you can read the atmospheric conditions to get a sense of when you should take cover. With the human tornado, not so much, They can spin out of nowhere and lash out in ways that leave their staff to clean up the mess and living in fear of when the next storm is going to be unleashed.

Source: How to Work for a Human Tornado – Executive Coach – Management –

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