Donald Trump’s Budget Is the Ending Conservatives Always Wanted

This is it, right here, this budget.

This is the beau ideal of movement conservative governance. This is the logical, dystopian end of Reaganism, and Gingrichism, and Tea Partyism, and all the other Isms that movement conservatism has inflicted upon the political commonwealth.

This is the vast, noxious swamp into which all those tributaries of modern conservative thought have emptied themselves. People die in there, swallowed up in deep sinkholes of empowered bigotry and class anger.

Meals on Wheels?

Who in the hell zeroes out Meals on Wheels?

Who decides that a program that spends $3 million to help volunteers feed the elderly and infirm in their communities is something that the country can no longer afford?

Who are the men in the meetings who make this kind of call? What are their names? Trot them out so the country knows who they are.

C’mon, David Brooks, find out who they are and explain why National Greatness Conservatism has a problem with starving elderly shut-ins.

The National Endowment For The Arts? The National Endowment For The Humanities? The Corporation For Public Broadcasting?

Source: Donald Trump’s Budget Is the Ending Conservatives Always Wanted

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