What the Cosby Mistrial Tells Us About Power in America

.. It’s a Trumpian approach: to declare something true that self-evidently is not, to try to coat over your deepest insecurities by brashly declaring your superiority.

Cosby hasn’t been convicted in a court of law, but his reputation — and the power that he got from it — has been forever diminished by the accounts of the more than 60 women who came forward.

The declaration that his power is back is the equivalent of hanging electoral maps all over the White House and obsessing about the size of inaugural crowds.

And perhaps it goes some distance to explaining how the hell we got here, to June 2017, to our increasingly authoritarian present. We are living in a death rattle, in which the formerly all-powerful and inviolable are doubling down on their dominance, even as — and precisely because — they feel it slipping away.

Source: What the Cosby Mistrial Tells Us About Power in America

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