In Northern New York, Broadband Expansion Faces Challenges

Gaining access to desired areas is time-consuming and complicated, but financial implications can also hinder the process. Determining whether there are enough potential customers in an area can make or break a potential infrastructure expansion.

“We are building rural and one of the economic realities of building rural is density becomes a real challenge. Other companies have made a determination a long time ago that once the density got to a certain level, that is where the network ends and they are not going any further,” Mr. Lynch said.

“We have pushed that pretty far but what happens is that we run into fixed costs we have to do when we operate independent of the number of customers.”

Some of those fixed costs can be expensive. Pole rental fees, for example, can cost Slic $400 per mile per year.

Source: In Northern New York, Broadband Expansion Faces Challenges

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