Latin America: DTH Wrestles for Mindshare | Via Satellite

Carlos Miranda, CTO of Dish Mexico, told Via Satellite that he believes pay-TV penetration in Mexico is around 60 percent, which means all operators in the market can participate in growing the 40 percent of the rest of the market.

However, he concedes that pay-TV is not necessarily the preferred way to spend leisure time.

“Right now, the spare time that we all have is ‘distributed’ for things like gaming, social networks, watching videos, enjoying music, etc. There are many ways to spend your free time. What I am saying is that talking about pay-TV is talking about part of the way people entertain themselves in their spare time.

“They have many options and a lot of those activities are not separated anymore. When you think about the new way in which people access entertainment, you find devices like cell phones, tablets, computers, etc. The personal devices are a very important way to spend leisure time,” he says.

Source: April 2018 – Latin America: DTH Wrestles for Mindshare | Via Satellite

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