AT&T 5G Tests Go Gaga for Gigabit | Light Reading

In Waco, Texas, AT&T says it “provided 5G mmWave service to a retail location more than 150 meters away from the cell site and observed wireless speeds of approximately 1.2 Gbps in a 400 MHz channel.”

While in Kalamazoo, Michigan, the operator “observed more than 1 Gbps speeds under line of sight conditions up to 900 feet,” yet seeing “no impacts on 5G mmWave signal performance due to rain, snow or other weather events.” Millimeter wave connections are noted to suffer signal attenuation due to some weather conditions, or when penetrating foliage or certain building materials. (See Nokia Bell Labs & Verizon Stretch Fixed 5G to the Home.)

As usual, however, the trade-off for high-band gigabit downloads is limited coverage range. Note that AT&T lists fixed wireless 5G ranges between 900 feet and 150 meters.

Source: AT&T 5G Tests Go Gaga for Gigabit | Light Reading

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