Violence in Gaza: “An Ugly Witch’s Brew”

I’m (Rob Richer, former Associate Deputy Director of Operations at the CIA with deep ties across the Middle East) as concerned—for the long-term implications—that the current administration is trying to link Iran to the disturbances and the crisis between Gaza, Palestine and Israel, as I think you heard from Ambassador Nikki Haley yesterday at the UN. And that’s so far from the truth.

The Iranians will agitate against Israel, but this is purely people who have been subjugated, isolated, not allowed to have free trade, live in very dire conditions—and I have been in Gaza. It’s some of your worst nightmares, if you have to live there without water, infrastructure, the availability to have a job…and look across a fence and see some of the lands that you and your family owned occupied by someone else.

And you realize that the city that you called capital, that was a beacon for you, for religion and everything else—Jerusalem—has now been basically recognized as the state capital of another country. That’s serious.

Source: Violence in Gaza: “An Ugly Witch’s Brew”

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