The Broader Implications of What’s Happening in Yemen

“The situation today is basically a stalemate. Neither side has the ability to gain the upper hand, and there really is no popular leader. There are popular tribal leaders and there are popular people who represent movements such as the Houthis or the more conservative tribes, but for the most part, the war is bogged down.

“It’s become not so much a guerilla operation, but it’s been stymied by the lack of a popular internal presence that can actually galvanize popular support and hold ground. If you look at the battle lines of today and compare them to six months ago, there is almost no change, because there are so many conflicting interests of the people involved – the Iranians are supporting people in the south and in other pockets of the country, al Qaida has a strong safe haven, elements of the Islamic front have a safe haven there as well, and there are also remnants of old Palestinian groups, which are no longer a threat but still maintain influence down there.

“It’s completely dysfunctional.”

Source: The Broader Implications of What’s Happening in Yemen

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