What Can Dockless Bikes Tell Us About Cities?

In San Diego, however, as in many cities, DSBs’ (dockless shared bikes) sudden appearance on city sidewalks has led to pushback from unhappy residents. Dockless bikes have been haphazardly parked and clumped in odd spots around the city (including crosswalks and private yards), leading to nuisance complaints.

In retaliation, vandals have destroyed DSBs or stranded them in inconvenient places, such as bodies of water. In the Coronado and Little Italy neighborhoods, two popular San Diego tourist destinations, city officials have outright banned DSBs, citing safety concerns.

In the nearby resort city of Coronado, officials have begun impounding DSBs and fining the companies for uncollected bikes.

Source: What Can Dockless Bikes Tell Us About Cities?

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