Why I can’t stop reading depressing news | Vox

Even good old earthquakes, wildfires, and boat capsizings feel simple and wholesome now — innocent, accidental tragedies instead of officially mandated ones.

Anything but this same slow, inexorable drive toward autocracy, barbarism, and extinction, each day’s headline falling like another blow from the truncheon.

There’s a spectrum of possible responses to this onslaught, ranging from addictive immersion to total isolation.

Some of my friends wisely decided after the election to devote themselves to a single issue, so as not to fracture their attention and deplete their energies — a policy that proves hard to implement when you’re trying to dedicate yourself exclusively to, say, climate change, and then the government starts locking children in cages seemingly for sheer, sadistic fun.

Source: Why I can’t stop reading depressing news – Vox

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