The “Klimakanzlerin” Takes A Bow And Leaves A Vacuum | Social Europe

Merkel is no climate saint despite being nicknamed ‘climate chancellor.’ As a matter of fact, there is no political leader on whom such status can be bestowed. And sadly, none has done sufficiently enough to address climate change.

But compared to many in developed countries, Merkel, a former environment minister in Chancellor Helmut Kohl’s government before becoming chancellor in 2005, provides sound leadership on international climate talks.

Unfortunately, Germany continues to burn coal with Merkel as chancellor. 20.68 Gigawatt (GW) of brown coal and 27.64 GW of hard coal were being burnt when she took office.

Today, 21.20 GW and 25.05 GW respectively are still being burnt.

Source: The “Klimakanzlerin” Takes A Bow And Leaves A Vacuum • Social Europe

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