R&D initiative looks to solve energy and climate problems | EDN

The world is facing two related long-term crises: climate change and the accelerating depletion of coal, oil, and natural gas reserves.

Scientists that monitor global climate conditions recommend a reduction of CO2 emissions, but many countries are not doing so.

World Energy Council data of fossil fuel consumption rates measured against known reserves indicate most countries will run out over the next 100 years. Still coal is proving difficult to abandon.

The difficultly in replacing nonrenewable energy sources comes down to cost.

We propose the United States undertake a $1B Manhattan-like project (herein called “Manhattan 2”) that brings together about one thousand of the brightest engineering minds to develop low-cost alternatives to existing infrastructure over a five-year period.

The goal is to provide a means for every solar-suitable home to more fully utilize solar energy, and to dramatically reduce energy consumed by each home.

Source: R&D initiative looks to solve energy and climate problems | EDN

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