How and Why to Digitize Your Supply Chain

For legacy businesses, there may be a disconnect from how a digitized supply chain will improve the bottom line. In fact, IBM reports that 84 percent of manufacturers polled in a recent survey say that they have implemented real-time data sharing into their supply chains, but only 13 percent have done so effectively.

So how can supply chain management close the gap between implementation and optimization?

In the relatively early stages of supply chain digitization, the ongoing transformation of our industrial supply chain is hardly the first large scale disruption to sweep through the business world.

If we look back through history, every generation has seen major upheaval driven by technology—the railroad, the telephone, the automobile, the television, and now the internet.

What’s different about today’s modernization is its unprecedented speed, enabled by new tools that act faster than human beings.

Done well, this digitization has the potential to turn the supply chain into a strategic profit driver, woven deep within the fabric of every competitive business.

Source: How and Why to Digitize Your Supply Chain

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